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      Links II

Before the 1800T rate.

Original hoverpacks called "Jetpacks" from Alpha that  were never used.


                  There Movie/Video Sites

Creating Machinima In There
Miracle Pictures Videos

There Film Society​ Youtube Channel - Closed by There '09 :(


ThereCon 2004
ThereCon 2005
ThereCon 2006
ThereCon 2007 ?
 ThereCon 2009 ? 


                 Buy/Sell TBuxs (Reselling is not allowed now.)
Jinx TV Buy/Sell Therebucks
There Pawn Brokers
Tbux Bank & Trust

            Misc Links

Fuzz Designs -
CCR In There: The Future Of CCR
University Of There for Education Facebook
LifeAfterThere - The Hypergrid Mall
2019 Gin United Scoresheet
Christian Friends OF There
There Class Shirt Program Pictures - by Francis_7
Gallery of Past MAB Members - Pics by Aliv
Makena Anniversary Party 2017​
Bingo Maniacs
TinkBell's Toys
Homes In There
Peter 7's Duda Beach
Festival Of Arts The Planning Meeting Notes
Ourstock Event 2013 Pics
Bingo Maniacs Thanks To Sponsors
Whats left of the California Island - Pic by Orielle
2013 Halloween Tour Spots from Emmajean
BABS FB Timeline Photos​
Arial Shots Of There Islands 2010 - Pics by Aliv
There RL T-shirts for sale on RageOn
Thereian Marketplace On Facebook
Hot Rocks Radio - Maybe hear former urradio dj's....
Designers Of There 2005 Pic by Thumdar
Fall Decorating Contest
University Of There
Early There Timeline by Francis 7​
There On Reddit

Vactor Studios

A Dream For You - Dreamweavers Zazzle Shop
Does anyone remember: - MMORPG Reddit subreddit
World Of There
Catwa Designs

Thereian Outpost
Developer Showcase Events
Life In There

Therians Forever
Thereians Forever! - old site

GDFON Audio Mixer for There hosted by Orielle
BABS: Ho Ho Ho-verboat! - December 2009
Identity Scroll - There V2
Avatology - Faux Pas Of An Unattended Avatar - by Jeffrey Ventrella
SFSU Enviromental Outpost
I Am So There
Arianeb's 3D Virtual World List
Paradise Neighborhood Page - Thx Francis_7
Paradise Neighborhood On Ootay Map

There Friends Forum
There Worlds - Where Are They Now?

Forterra Systems Inc.
Someone tried to start a discussion on reddit after Thumdar closed. Didnt happen.
Virtual World Information and Ratings
VMV's Panoramic Views

Yozh's There Memories SlideShow, March 2010​
Real Life+ Youtube Channel
Ariane's Favorite There Moments

Stanford University Seminar With Jeffrey Ventrella - video no longer available
Kitte Of There Photo Galleries

Internet - There Advertisement 2003 by Pineriver

Aliv's There Photo Gallery​
Quest Ahoy!
Vash Community's Youtube Channel
Under There Forums

Virtual Congress Intro Video​
Avatar Puppeteering - 3D Engines Database Closing Letter

There New World - Utherverse set up this page/url as soon as There closed in 2009​
Ariella_Furman's FramedIn3D's Blog - Creator Of The Commercials
Interactive Scale Of The Universe

Desert On Caldera Map Of Canyon Near Tabu Where The Burning Avie Event 2004 was.
There DE blog by Majandi
Youtube - Five Years - Celebrating Five years With Youtube
There Shutterbug Photo Albums
Slambo's Male Alien Template

GinStar League
Francis_7's BABS Proposal for Island Tours
There Museum - A Proposal by Francis_7
Bring Back Petition Site

Zakimus - Life In There​
Therian Network
Home Of Virtual Congress
Unguided Tours Through There

ThereSounds - Streaming Sounds Of There
The Piratical
Random Ramblings - 89 Snippets Of Important Information
So-There Frappr Mini-Map
Thalasso's There

Botanical Gardens
Dr. Phil Show Archives From When He Did Story On There - Six Pages
HugsAlot's Blog

Tohya's There Site
CyberWolf's There Review
Solar Compass V2.0 Forums - closed 3/4/12
There At KoiNUp
There Weekly
LOQTECH There Portal
There Film Festival
Pumpkin Carving Contest
50K X-treme Event - First X-treme Event Hosted In There May 2003

Yoshi Bikes​
U Kan't C Me!
You Just Never Know In There​
Zone Transit Systems
There Travel Center Project

There Frisky​
The Mafia VS TPD
Welcome To There From Greeter Josie
Identity Scroll - There V2 - 2004
History Of Avatars
Bit Basher's Page
Momma Randra's Pizza

Wicked Fashionista
My Life On There

Flaming There
There In Wikipedia 2005 ---Hacked!
BtSt's GPS For Dummies​
Bboy Designs Quickbar For There UI
The Cannonball Run

C25 Inc.
I Am SO There
Denson's There Blog

There Galleries: Visions Of There
There Pawn Brokers
Quest Spotters

X-Mab Members (2005 - 2009)
WolfWorx Museum​
Internet WayBack Machine On The Closed There Universe Forum
Hawks Photo Gallery




      These 3 files below are in .pdf format. If they dont open for you, they can be 

viewed with FreeFileViewer if needed.

The Infamous Black Friday Letter From Michael Wilson
Today Is The Day There Died by ArianeB - Oct. 2003
HowlingWolf Interview With Brett Durrett - June 18,2004​




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