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      About There 

      Video by: PiXeLaTeD iMaGeS
There In Wikipedia
The Birth Of There History Timeline​
The Creators Of​
Welcome To There!! - Company Info
Jeffrey Ventrella Website
Forterra Systems Inc. - bought by SAIC​ - Web Metrics​
Don Carson Website - Lead Art Director For There 2000 - 2004
Disneys Blog Article On Don Carson's Artwork Part One
Disneys Blog Article On Don Carson's Artwork Part Two

                           There Links

There Member Agreement - TOS Blog
Company Info
Getting Started!
Historical There Information
World Status
Avman Server Status 
There Daily Login Statistics (current)
There Frequently Asked Questions 2012
Accounts And Billing
Submitting New Hairstyles Info
Getting Started: Helping New Members
Getting Started: Membership Account Types
Getting Started: Info On Phoenix Stars
Getting Started: Find A New Member Helper
Free There Weekend Info
Official Nametag Color Codes
RGB and Hexadecimal Codes For The Official Nametag Colors
Visitors Guide
Reclaiming Your Old Avatar Instructions
Welcome Back To There! - NEW CLIENT Download Information
The (MAB) Member Advisory Board Blog
ThereCare Help Board - From The WayBack Machine *Archived info only - not updated*
Whats Going On There - A Community Podcast
There Fun Times
Island Guide Program​ - A Part Of The 3D Design Department At The University Of There​
There Developer Program
Developer Submissions Guidelines Gifts at CafePress From 2006
There Gifts at CafePress 2012

There Skills Reward List (Archived From 2004)​
Tohya's There Skills Reward List 2006​
There Skills Reward List 2009


Teleport Links for There
There maps
There Map In Game
El Miao's There Islands Gallery
Go There - Landmasses Of There
Thalasso's There Maps
Aliv Aerial Shots Of There
Myrmex's World Map Project
My There World Map From 2003
Myrmex GPS Patch Help File



                  Help Files/Links/Downloads

                  Events Calendar - November 2018
There Themes And Events On FB
2017 Club Fair Directory - A list of participating clubs
Island Games Homepage
Island Games On Facebook
Event Planning Meeting Notes Events and Deadlines Questers on Facebook
How To Tune There Radios by Percy
Teleport Links
There Places And Teleport Links
Creating A Patch For Annoying Props by Orielle
GPSD Video Tutorial by Pixelated Images
How to Add A "Saved Place" To My Compass by Percy
How To Submit a There Crash Report by Alex Therian
I'm There - App store app for IOS only. Manage There On The Go
UDU - Unicrystal Designs University
Thereian UDU Downloads Link
How to Remove Blockheads
Developer Tool Created by TheChaz to List Multiple Items
Painter Tutorial - Creating Clothing Textures As A There Developer
How to setup Radios in There by Orielle
GoThere - There Cheat Sheet by Tablatronix
There Community Forum Downloads For There Forum - Helpful Info/Files
Index of /there_extras
There Scrolling Problems in Windows 10 by Peter7
Steve Mack's Multi-Event Generator
Bingo Maniacs
The Info List -
How To Install Windows 10 On A MacBook
How To Install Windows 7,8,10 On Mac With Bootcamp Assistant
There Events
The Thereian Community On Facebook
There Downloads
Link To Figleaf Templates Compiled by Riot Girl
Find It Here In There - Facebook Page To Find Items You Are Looking For
There Community Forum
Getting started with PayPAL Business Microtransaction fees - Make REAL Money!
There Community - How To Create Machinima In There
There Developer Info
Info On The New Option Added To Make Real Money In There @
Winter There Games Name Tag Team Color Hangouts
Identity Scroll - There V2 - not sure if it works, let me know....
There Travel Center Project
There Community Event Calendar
GMAX version 1.2 - Free video game modeling tool
Stylemaker Tutorials On Youtube
3D Modeling By DaveyRocket On Youtube
Exploration 101 By Blutec
Theredocs and Signs By Blutec
Zone Transit System
There Info On Quests By Blutec
Josie's There Tips
There Newbie Guide
Styki Paintball Gun Sound Patch​
Neema's Useful Links - Patches For There
Windshield Transparency - Painting a Buggy
There Layout Editor ​
How to add commands to your (3rd party) compass by Percy
Neighborhood Help and Info by Orielle
Shop Central - ClueHunt Supplies For There​
There Instant Messenger
Francis_7 G-Max Boot Camp
Building Tracks For BtSt's GPSD
Run There 3D Client​ on Linux with WINE - WINE HQ.
A Step By Step Guide To Framing Art In There (Located at
Gmax Help - link from Francis_7 - ?
Aztec3 Designs - Gmax Lessons
Rules For The There Game -> Cracked
There Skill Block/Percentage Chart        
There Style Guide
Portazone Spreadsheet On Costs And Comparison
Lightmap Tutorial by Kortt​
The Stupid Idiots Guide To Starting With Gmax​
Randra Logget - Painting 101
United Aliens In There - How To Be An Alien
There PicBadge Site To Add There Logo To Your Facebook Profile Pic
How To Create A Kilroy Sign by Orielle​​​ ​  
Prop Creation Tutorial - by Ubber Geek


Giggles Version -    Thx McKensy! ​ (temp down)
Giggles Website


Tablatronix Universal Installer
Bedican Compass v3.8
Bedican Compass/Thumdar v3.4 
BtSt's GPS for Dummies compass hack + compass manager
Zackimus Compass
DB Compass v4.1


         Rare Nike Shoes In There Catalog                             ( no longer sold by There )

Nike Air Max 2003 (M)

Air Force 1 Mid (M)

Nike Shox NZ (F)

Nike Shox NZ (M)

The Kyoto (F)

Nike Zoom Celar 2 (F)

Nike Zoom Trainer Essential (M) - These two sold in Shop now

Nike Zoom Trainer Essential (F)

              There Fansites/Blogs/Galleries

Peter7's There Site Questers on Facebook
There Friends - Aymanns There Page
Island Games On Facebook
Duda Beach Gazzette
There Social
Are You Blog
CCR In on Google+
Club Oasis
Blues Buggys
Sonblock Speedway
The Voice

There DE Blog By Majandi
There Community News
We, The People Of There
Here4There Forums
Chihuahua Emporium And Coffeehouse
Zen Resorts - CrypticAsian
So There Forum - look up old members on FB
Basya In There!
John Quixote Was There!
Straykatz Fan Club Site​
MC's There Info
There Times
Moosefeathers There Guide​
Go There -Your Destination Portal For There!
Neema's Space
Solar Compass v2.0
Percy's Tips And Tricks
Virtual Vikki Being There
There Was - Skyfires Gallery
Duda Beach
TagaProductions Entertainment
There Tours
StephenWiz In There
Herman The Dog
Zakimus In There
"There" By Celtic​
ArianeB's There Magic
More 3D Virtual Worlds - From: ArianeB
Son Of There
Cody's Loaners


​                                                     Designers                                                                                                                                                                                                         Stingray Design (SRD)

                                                                                             Kiwimonk Designs
                                                                                                      Nex3d There Page
Riot Girl Designs
MullaChops M:Core Designs
JND Designs​
Kortt Designs​
Chaotic World Designs​
JP Designs
DRX Designs​
Tinks Toys
Salon Banshee by Banshee Kate
Designs By Punkster
DX Designs
Erraticism DZigns
Deathany's Designs
Korba's Design Studio
White Light Productions
House Of Gothnicity
Marisa9's Designs For There
Mariesa Designs
ZMW Products
BBoy Designs
Yinki Design Works
Roonsters Boardshaping Co.
Blue Lotus Designs​
Wicked Fashionista





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