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                    Special Thanks To Tohya For Finding The Files To Her Old Awards Page And Allowing Me To Use Them For                                                                                                      The Archives! 


















There Skills Awards Page




  Event Host - Whenever people attend and participate in your events or activities (including

                     card games), you're building up your Event Host Skill. The more successful and                             popular your events, the faster you'll level up!

  Club Leader - Whenever people join and participate in a Group that you lead, you're building                          up your Club Leader Skill. Being a group leader is not possible for basic (blue                            funpass) members.

  Teacher - Whenever someone attends a Class or Seminar you teach, you're building up your                        Teacher skill. To teach a class, you need to host an event, and select 'Class' under                        'Event Type'. Teaching is not possible for Basic (blue funpass) members.

  Newbie Helper - Whenever you help out a There newcomer - by lending them gifts, including                               them in events you are hosting, taking them for vehicle rides, etc. - you're                                   building up your Newbie Helper Skill.

  Author - Whenever someone reads a book, flyer, script, scroll or rulebook that you've written                      and placed in the world, you're building up your Author Skill. This requires the                            purchase of a ThereDoc.

  Fashionista - Whenever you buy or receive new clothes and outfits, you're building up your                            Fashionista Skill. Changing clothes also builds fashionista skills. Create multiple                              outfits, and keep switching outfits, you'll skill very quickly.

  Socializer -  Whenever you make friends, attend events, or join and participate in Groups,                              you're building your Socializer Skill. Some say that holding a drink while                                    socializing speeds up skilling. Some say it doesn't. If you have a drink, why not                            hold it!

  Dog Handler - Whenever you pet, feed, or play with a dog, you're building your Dog Handler                             Skill. Dog commands include sit, stay, lie, bark, jump, paw, beg, ball.... enter                                 each command on a line followed by return.

  Merchant - Whenever you sell an item in There to another member, using Auctions, you're                             building up your Merchant Skill. Selling items is not possible for (blue funpass)                            members.


  Boat Captain - Whenever you pilot a Hoverboat, you build up your Boat Captain Skill.

  Card Player - Whenever you play a card game in There, you build up your Card Player Skill.

  Board Rider - Every time you fly around on your Hoverboard, you build up your Hoverboard                            Skill.

  Buggy Driver - Whenever you drive a buggy in There, you build up your Buggy Driver Skill.

  Sharpshooter - Whenever you hit a person or tartget with your Paintball Gun, you build up                                you Sharpshooter Skill.

  Bike Rider - Whenever you ride a Hoverbike, you build up your Bike Rider Skill. 

  Pack Flyer - Whenever you fly a Hoverpack, you build up you Pack Flyer Skill.

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